Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark: Life, Passion, Invention

The renowned inventor of the “zapping” machine was born in the 18th of October in the year 1928 to the Russian immigrants Jacob and Maria Regehr in Rosthern, Saskatchewan in Canada. It wasn’t until after HuldaRegehr’s marriage to John Clark in 1956 that she began working on her interest with science. In 1965, she conducted in the University of Indiana a government funded research; however in 1979 she left the university premise to start with her own research.

Dr Clark earned her Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Arts at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada where she took course for biology. She also attended the University of Minnesota for cell physiology and biophysics. In 1958, she earned her Ph.D. major in zoology and minor in botany from the same university.Adding into her long list of educational achievements is her degree of naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health.

She spent many of her years in training as a scientist with specialization in cell physiology, biology and biophysics. It was because of her perseverance and hard work in this field that led to the discovery of most diseases’ root causes. It was also her who have pointed out that in order to have any of the medical conditions healed is to have those causes removed. She emphasized on the need of eradicating those toxins and foreign substances in the human body in order to have it thoroughly cleansed. And this, as she said, can be done through the utilization of certain natural herbs.

Aside from her achievements of assisting and addressing people’s medical concerns and needs, Dr. Hulda Clark also earned master in herbologist. Her passion in assisting people sporadically grew after the first patient that she helped in 1963. It was through that humble start that she was able to assist thousand more of patients through the years.

Her interest and knowledge in radio communications brought her to the discovery of the fact that both living and dead objects produce range of radio frequencies in 1988. This inspired her invention of the device that utilizes radio frequencies in annihilating parasites, viruses as well as bacteria. She even focused in helping patients that were suffering from terminal and serious illnesses like HIV, AIDS and cancer. She was however restrained from practicing the profession of a medical doctor in the United States since she was a scientist.

The machine however that she has discovered along with her principles has given clearer explanation of the relationship between the parasites and the diseases that it caused the person with. She worked hand in hand with her son Geoff in developing an equipment that is able to eradicate a certain parasite called the Human Intestinal Fluke, which she calls the “zapper”. The best thing about this device is that it is not causing any adverse or negative results to any patients while working on eliminating the virus, mold, bacteria, parasite and even fungi.

Her passion in helping the suffering and ill individuals doesn’t stop in giving them assistance but she has expounded her work in traveling in order to give demonstrations and lectures to all of the people around the world.


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