A More Innovative Way In Dealing With Diabetes In Children

The introduction of the new strategy in treating any injury or diseases through what is popularly called stem cell therapy has been the most renowned and sought after treatment procedure these days. Due to the proven ability of the stem cells to renew by itself has given some of the researchers in the field of medicine the idea that stem cell treatments can make changes and improve the way how diseases and patients’ struggles can be addressed.

Having said that, stem cell therapy has been used and considered in treating several variations of diseases and illnesses like brain damage, cancer, injury in the spinal cord, baldness, heart damage, missing teeth, hematopoiesis or the formation of blood cell, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, neural and behavioral birth defects, blindness and vision impairment, wound healing, Crohn’s disease, infertility, orthopaedics and even as diabetes treatment.

While most of the diabetes cases that were common and widely addressed are those of the adult patients, there actually is a chunk of the diabetic patients’ population that shows children as the infected patients. It is therefore important to shift the focus as of the moment to such case.

The need to address both adult and children diabetes issues equally is necessary since these two differs in clinical manifestation, its treatment and even pathogenesis comprising the case. While most probably adult diabetes is due to the shortage of the secretion of insulin, the decrease of insulin secretion in children diabetes is due to the damage of an islet in the pancreas. Adults who were suffering from diabetes will experience slow depicting symptoms (to some not a single symptom at all), symptoms of diabetes in children appears immediately which usually envelops an increase in enuresis nocturna or the feeling of being thirsty at night time, polydipsia or the state of being extremely thirsty, polyphagia and dieresis of the need to urinate frequently.

Any child who is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes usually would suffer from s severely damaged pancreas islet β cells. This actually means an increased morbidity in the child’s life. This is considered as an alarming and serious medical case that needs immediate response and remedy. Thus is the need to consider the utilization of stem cell transplant for the treatment for diabetes.

The islet cell could be the starting area where the remedy and repair can start along with those genes that main function is to control cells’ islet. And since genes that are enclosed in this area are considered as the susceptibility genes, having the islet cells to recover is possible for as long as the proper and right repair of the susceptibility genes was done. Pancreatic functions will then be revived thus the secretion of healthy insulin can be achieved. And whenever this is done; a healthier insulin that is responsible in having the blood glucose level back to normal through secreting insulin which is healthy.

That being said, treating diabetes in children through stem cell transplant is deemed as the most effective medical strategy for this particular health condition.


Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark: Life, Passion, Invention

The renowned inventor of the “zapping” machine was born in the 18th of October in the year 1928 to the Russian immigrants Jacob and Maria Regehr in Rosthern, Saskatchewan in Canada. It wasn’t until after HuldaRegehr’s marriage to John Clark in 1956 that she began working on her interest with science. In 1965, she conducted in the University of Indiana a government funded research; however in 1979 she left the university premise to start with her own research.

Dr Clark earned her Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Arts at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada where she took course for biology. She also attended the University of Minnesota for cell physiology and biophysics. In 1958, she earned her Ph.D. major in zoology and minor in botany from the same university.Adding into her long list of educational achievements is her degree of naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health.

She spent many of her years in training as a scientist with specialization in cell physiology, biology and biophysics. It was because of her perseverance and hard work in this field that led to the discovery of most diseases’ root causes. It was also her who have pointed out that in order to have any of the medical conditions healed is to have those causes removed. She emphasized on the need of eradicating those toxins and foreign substances in the human body in order to have it thoroughly cleansed. And this, as she said, can be done through the utilization of certain natural herbs.

Aside from her achievements of assisting and addressing people’s medical concerns and needs, Dr. Hulda Clark also earned master in herbologist. Her passion in assisting people sporadically grew after the first patient that she helped in 1963. It was through that humble start that she was able to assist thousand more of patients through the years.

Her interest and knowledge in radio communications brought her to the discovery of the fact that both living and dead objects produce range of radio frequencies in 1988. This inspired her invention of the device that utilizes radio frequencies in annihilating parasites, viruses as well as bacteria. She even focused in helping patients that were suffering from terminal and serious illnesses like HIV, AIDS and cancer. She was however restrained from practicing the profession of a medical doctor in the United States since she was a scientist.

The machine however that she has discovered along with her principles has given clearer explanation of the relationship between the parasites and the diseases that it caused the person with. She worked hand in hand with her son Geoff in developing an equipment that is able to eradicate a certain parasite called the Human Intestinal Fluke, which she calls the “zapper”. The best thing about this device is that it is not causing any adverse or negative results to any patients while working on eliminating the virus, mold, bacteria, parasite and even fungi.

Her passion in helping the suffering and ill individuals doesn’t stop in giving them assistance but she has expounded her work in traveling in order to give demonstrations and lectures to all of the people around the world.


Remedies using Stem Cells

The reason why we advocate the mixture concerning Embryonic Stem cell treatment, Detox furthermore Dentistry:

Besides healing your customers with the some powerful stem cells ready available, A1 Stem Cells includes created a unique protocol making your body to make their utmost use of the Embryonic Stem Cells treatment.

All mixed remedies come with revealed your great outcome enhance inside people enduring cancer, tumor, diabetes, stroke, spinal cold injuries additionally additional.

Many conditions tend to be related using a accumulation out of toxins. Ones stem cells utilized in the products are able to assistance detoxify but it is cheaper to do this at first using methods like your any designed through Dr. Clark then when your body was cleansed from all of these harmful toxins, subsequently on stem cells will do exactly what little any other system can, i.e. heal their impacted organ(s).

For this reason, our treatments using stem cells will always include the detox system adapted towards condition, adopted by that optimized quantity concerning Stem mobile injections. Because of the mixture of some potent stem cells available as well as the unique planning of the system prior to injections, your group of experts have accomplished the best effects ever noticed among stem cells therapy.

A1 Stem Cells recommend all patient suffering from amalgams or understanding called ”silver fillings” to get rid of consumers then substitute them using additional biocompatible materials. It has been revealed furthermore scientifically documented your mercury included at amalgams was gradually revealed in to the body plus build up through time period. Mercury is your 2nd many harmful element to man and we trust which eliminating the best supply of intoxication, once complete properly, may help improve anyone’s immune system and/or raise its power in order to fight parasites, malware, bacterium, put another way conditions. Go to your steel-release dentistry page for more advise.

ESC Embryonic stem mobile treatment towards ca

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Prospective therapy using Stem Cell

ncer are offering benefits

stem cells procedures towards cancer remedy

A1 Stem Cells is always searching for better benefits furthermore brand new treatments (programs). We’re starting a very promising clinical trial alongside clients alongside macular degeneration as well as glaucoma du in order to diabetic issues. Zero different medical trials tend to be available at when. We’ll continue ones page updated alongside unique scientific studies inside due times.

Please contact people in case you have got issues about the therapy among stem cellular people offer. We’ll feel happy to inform and also assist we in to your medicine of the upcoming!


Procedures alongside Stem Cells

The reason why we advocate the mixture concerning Embryonic Stem cells treatment, Detox then Dentistry:

Besides healing the people with the many powerful stem cells around available, A1 Stem Cells has created one unique protocol planning the body to help make the utmost use of your Embryonic Stem Cells procedures.

All blended procedures come with revealed per significant outcomes augment inside clients experiencing cancer, tumor, diabetic issues, stroke, spinal cool injuries furthermore much more.

Most conditions are associated among an accumulation out of harmful toxins. That the stem cells utilized in your programs are able to help in detoxify however it is less expensive doing it initially among techniques like on any designed by Dr. Clark as well as after your body is cleansed from all of these harmful toxins, then that the stem cells might do what little different means will, i.e. restore your affected organ(s).


For this reason, our remedies with stem cells will always include one detox strategy adjusted towards ailment, used with the fine tuned amount concerning Stem cellular injections. Because of the combination of the majority potent stem cells available as well as the unique preparation of the body before injections, your group of specialists posses reached the greatest outcome ever noticed with stem cells procedures.

A1 Stem Cells suggest any sort of individual with amalgams or what is named ”silver fillings” to remove them and substitute them with most biocompatible material. It has been revealed as well as scientifically documented that the mercury contained in amalgams was slowly released in to your body as well as accumulate thru time. Mercury are that next most toxic element to man and now we think that will removing the supply of intoxication, anytime complete properly, may help improve anyone’s immune system as well as increase its energy in order to fight parasites, viruses, bacteria, to phrase it differently conditions. Go to the steel-release dentistry page to get more advise.

ESC Embryonic stem cell treatment towards ca

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Prospective therapy among Stem Mobile

ncer is actually providing outcomes

stem cells treatment towards cancer cure

A1 Stem Cells is definitely searching for better outcome as well as unique procedures (applications). We’re doing a tremendously guaranteeing clinical test among customers among macular degeneration and glaucoma du in order to diabetes. Little more clinical trials tend to be offered at when. We’ll keep that page updated using newer reports in due instances.

Please contact us provided you have got questions towards procedures among stem mobile people provide. We’ll get joyful to inform and also guide we into on treatments of the future!